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When most people hear “Thai cuisine”, they think of Pad Thai, Tom Kha, Tod Mun and other popular street food. We serve these classic dishes, but Thai Restaurant Super Thai also specializes in sophisticated, lesser known dishes such as Choo Chie, Kaeng Kiaw Wan, Kaeng Phed.
Traditionally, all this was prepared for Thai Royalty, many generations ago.

Our Objective

It is our intention to preserve Royal Thai cuisine and share our love for this delicious food with you.
We want to introduce you to these classically prepared dishes and ensure that this ancient tradition is not lost. Enjoy your dinner!

Cozy Atmosphere

We would like to welcome everyone and make you feel right at home at one of our many invitingly laid out tables.

Super Thai To Go.

It is also possible to come into our restaurant and take our delicious food home with you.
You can call us directly to place your order, or by, Uber Eat, or through this website.

Our Menu

Super Thai

Join Chef Kum Chan and the rest of Super Thai team for an evening of exquisite, award-winning Thai food.  In Thailand.

Pla Neung Ma Nauw - 21,95

Steamed fish with chili peppers and garlic in lime sauce.

Pad Priew Waan - 16,95

Stir-fried meat with onions, cucumber, fresh pineapple, tomatoes in sweet-sour sauce.

Pa Naeng Kai - 16,95

A rich red curry of free-range supreme chicken and coconut milk flavored with sweet basil.

Tod Man Pla - 8

Ground Fish mixed with spices and red curry paste, deep-fried and served with a sweet plum sauce.

Spicy Chicken Wings - 7

Chicken wings deep-fried until crisp, then sautéed in sweet chili, garlic sauce, topped with crispy basil leaves.

Spring Roll Super Thai - 8

Our special recipe of chicken, prawn, and vegetable stuffing, is served with red sweet and sour sauce.

Signature Dish

Pla Neung Ma Naw. nr. 41 This dish typically features a whole fish, often snapper or sea bass, that is steamed with a flavorful sauce made from lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, chili, and sometimes a touch of sugar for balance. The result is a light, aromatic, and slightly tangy dish that highlights the natural flavors of the fish. It is often garnished with fresh herbs like cilantro and served with steamed rice.


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